We improve lives through fitness

Spring Court USA was founded to make personalized fitness instruction available to everyone, not just the few who can afford their own trainer. To achieve this goal, our team created a new way to work out – using audio-based training to guide you every step of the way.

Today, Spring Court USA is one of the most popular audio and video-based fitness apps on the market. We help people feel the joy of moving their bodies, the satisfaction of completing a workout, the thrill of beating a personal best, and the health benefits of fitness. We embrace all paths: a morning run, a midday yoga session, an after-work gym class, or a bedtime meditation.

In 2019, Spring Court USA joined forces with Evelyn Johnson. In the process, we are solidifying our leadership in the consumer fitness market. Our combined strengths create a new standard of scientifically effective programming boosted with Evelyn Johnson Training Intelligence®, technology that enables the creation of biometrically informed personal training programs. As a result, you will experience an even more tailored fitness journey.

As Spring Court USA continues to grow, you can count on us to deliver the most convenient, personalized, and fun way to work out. We’ll guide you on your way to your healthiest, happiest you.